Intruder Alarm systems, Fire alarm systems, CCTV IP, Access Control IP....Studies, Counseling, Assistance, Installation: We innovate and others follow !


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We innovate and others follow!

Art Consulting Ltd is today in Cameroon by its suppliers, technicians and studies department, the company in the field of electronic security innovates, given the trend and administers the area.

It is a fact that for some years now rises our eyes. We watched, copied, if not even spied from our estimates and our work sites, sometimes with a large internal complicity not our business, but some major players around us. this is fair because nothing you wonder in a country like Cameroon or merit, competence and professionalism does not prevail but commercialism, forgery, corruption and hypocrisy.

Art Consulting Ltd is proud today to be able to compete with large international companies electronic security, and give an important place in Africa and Cameroon in particular in this area. We innovate and others follow! the "market trend" that we put online will be there to inform you about products experiencing strong growth