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Yes! Art Consulting Ltd is now able to offer you for your IT rooms or areas specifics a fire detection system fully IP.

Although currently still slightly expensive and English Art Consulting Ltd provides a fire detection system IP for monitoring real time monitoring of your premises. '' Live'' monitoring of your premises, temperature rise, flame detection, smoke, intrusion, be informed at the time or that you are on this earth by email or SMS (conditional operator) of everything happening in your premises and prevent timely help. Should be better in advance being on time. Remote Backup will tell you, but it remains that for a large company, the loss of a computer room with its servers is similar to an earthquake of high magnitude. Computer room, archiving, storage of hazardous materials, the solution will pass and by monitoring real time monitoring. A Art Consulting Ltd we once again think of your constraints.

- Monitoring in Real time from your premises locally and remotely.

-Alert via Email, SMS and siren.

-Control of temperature

-Détection flames and Smokes.

- Intrusion-détection.

Electric-Control management.

All our detectors are IP as the central detection. IP revolution is shaking the world of electronic security and Art Consulting Ltd wishes to support all its customers this way in order to always give them the best ever for securisation goods and persons to whom they are responsible. For more information, please contact us.