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At Art Consulting Ltd, the Access Control, Time attendance and through IP Camera is IP for nearly one year to date. Classic or Biometric: Access Control and Time Attendance now is IP home! Optional we offer intelligent access control works with badges, codes and IP camera. Double safety!

After many technical discussions and various tests with different vendors, Art Consulting Ltd now puts at your disposal a system Access Control and Time and Attendance RFID IP reliable and easy to use that can work with an IP Camera to strengthen your sécurité. either the control or conventional biometric access, as with CCTV, Access Control and Time and Attendance are IP at Art Consulting Ltd! Innovation and technical progress once again, does not fail to evoke the envy of its competitors especially as today we can combine this with an IP camera system to enhance the security level. As shown in the pictures below, the operation of this intelligent system is based on two identifications: the badge and your face. The possibilities are extensive blunt: you can use a blacklist to face fixed or alarms generated on predefined faces. Our newsletter will bring you a little more information about this intelligent system. For more information please, Contact us.

View of the systemIdentification proecdure

Identification ok

We innovate and others follow!!

Please Click here for IP Access Control classic diagram