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Customer Informations

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For your valued customers, here is some information, but also new guidelines adopted by our company.

-Tenders: concealment of prior studies.
-Lighting on quality, price and profitability of our products.

1-Cas tenders requiring a prior study:

In order to promote the professionalization of our business, but also to avoid potential misunderstandings or disagreements, the company ART CONSULTING LTD wishes to inform all its customers or potential customers of the end of free for all offers applicants a study first. For all studies, advice and assistance please get in touch with our research department.

Indeed, we found that for some time of tendering large and complex technically reach us without any quantitative data on the facilities to achieve, equipment or means more or less accurate to install, plans and descriptive approach to mimic both technical and functional. Except the nature of supply and some details for the most common or ordinary, no other specific technical data and explicitly does not allow to use them without a thorough and meticulous. It is up to us to define the configuration and choice of materials from the site and its environment, configuration and functional block, the quantities, the siting of facilities or equipment on the site and operating policy the client to name a few. Faced with such offers, it is no longer here just to meet the needs of a client and its consultants for its project or lot designated, but also to bring her key hand while his project at the cost of achieving a simple, if not installed. And even if you do, the end always justifies the means. After all this work of education, all this burst of energy with the costs involved, the implementation is entrusted to another bidder ... ... .... on the basis of your study !!!!!

So in order not to be victims of such unfair maneuvers, now studies for such offers will be sent to our office and billed properly and in advance. Normally this task is for the consultants that always accompany the contracting authority. Never mind, we remain available for all studies, advice and assistance you need for your approach to electronic security.

2-Support and Documentation Section:

This section includes the Tips, video tutorials, tips, small repairs and other documentation on the equipment that we install. It is accessible and visible on our homepage that clients benefit from a maintenance contract.To get there, the customer will receive a username and password for our services, which will allow it to connect to this section by registering ''the customers Login'' menu on the left of the home page, Skype us below''''. It is only after this stage that passes, it will appear on the right side of the home page, under 'Current Projects'' in the Library menu''the'' Support and Documentation''.


3-Quality, price, profitability

When you come to us, know that the company ART CONSULTING LTD sells solely and exclusively of the leading companies in the equipment technology research in the field of electronic security. Whether material from Europe, America or Asia, our suppliers are leading if not the basis for the most advanced technology in the field of electronic security. In fact, our facilities offer a report, quality, price, and unparalleled profitability.


Quality: Our equipment is tested by the manufacturer and the supplier and certified. they are consistent with international standards in the profession and able by their uniqueness in their design work in most environments. No equipment is to shop with us. By their guarantee, all our equipment is designed at our orders to undergo all the technical tests, but also benefit in case there would be, the last update technologies. This causes you to avoid selling equipment that will be two days after some little obsolete.


Price: Our work facilities, education, advice or even Assistance are billed at competitive prices for the data that we provide, the quality of materials such as installation, the technologies we propose or install the updates or update these equipment, warranties, service but also certifications. Everything we do is done in dedicated hardware with a electronic security.


Profitability: Our equipment they use and benefit from an operating line, that is to say, maintenance as required by the installation, and operation and use as defined by manufacturer and installer, they remain functional for much longer than most of the equipment market. In addition, they are evolving technologically since they are manufactured by the same people who are behind most of the technological advances of the market for electronic security. Except if a revolutionary breakthrough technology, it does not need to take an entire facility for the update; Sometimes you just need a small module to add to the system or when an update software or firmware for this transition to the next level. Another strong point is the interoperability of most of our equipment.

We do not realize that facilities for the present, but for the present and the future. We are not primarily traders, but artisans.


New Offer Service: In order for you to benefit from quality services and choice, expertise wise and dedicated contacts per job, ART CONSULTING Ltd is available for the establishment of a platform for global services for large projects:


- BTP.


Computer Network






-Security Electronics.




The best is yet to come!


For more information, please contact us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .