Intruder Alarm systems, Fire alarm systems, CCTV IP, Access Control IP....Studies, Counseling, Assistance, Installation: We innovate and others follow !


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"Our goal is to present partners of choice, quality providing world-class solutions for a Vibrant Africa striving to uphold the values??, merit, competence, standards, the art of their profession and environmental issues. If you contact through our site, please inform them. Thank you.


- CABINET ARCHITECT ADM: The reference in contemporary and classical architecture; Merit, competence, quality .... just to get you to stay confined in your space.

Rue sylvani Akwa
B.P. 3293 Douala
Tél. 33 42 29 81



- Les Batisseurs Reunis  'builders reunited'': the deceptive appearance as may be the motto of this construction company that continues over the projects we do together, to prove that it remains a reference in the performance quality buildings. Happy Labor, you will not be disappointed with the results!

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