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ART CONSULTING LTD goes IP video surveillance new and update standards ONVIF(1).

To clients, now you just need a computer connected to LAN or Internet to access the heart of your security systems locally or even remotely from one of your offices around the world !!!!

No complicated and expensive wiring, access to the images as real or data regarding the control of access from any computer with internet access. Ability to save images or retrieve data access control remotely. Opportunities to increase storage capacity in no time main.Solutions scalable, just connect the network equipment and installation has grown! And much more ......... We offer technology update for IP video surveillance.

With the all-IP, we ART CONSULTING LTD, want to put the customer at the heart of all of its security system. But also reduce costs both in material logistics, realization, execution, operation and maintenance. Indeed, it is just enough of a computer connects to a USB camera or a central control access control for troubleshooting.
With regard to the client, full mobility for access to its system of access control and CCTV, time savings for its operations, information as to its real running, either on the system prompt intervention in case of emergency safety and that,wherever you are in one of your offices around the world. No communication software to install (under conditions), no RS485 converter between the central access control and a computer ;  just RJ45 cable and you have over the management of access to your building! At the heart of this magic is the Administration in the network of your company. It is the hub of the revolution thus reducing the role of the installer in the operation of the system ......... Now imagine that this system is coupled with IP videosurveillance?????? ..... . Your computer becomes the core position of the security of your business. This is known as integrated systems now, and that's what the entreprise ART CONSULTING LTD offers today with video surveillance and access control, and tomorrow with the intrusion and fire. This is the IP revolution! Cameroon in particular and central Africa in general will not be outdone as a company has the challenge to always be at the tip to the delight of its customers: ART CONSULTING LTD. We have vendors, we have the technical and customer service line, and we have our men to make your business a company''in''Emerging electronic security'',anxious to protect people and property under its responsibility .For more information,please contact us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


To the installer:
- Gain from time to realization.
- Flexible wiring.
- Getting Started Easy system (1 or 2 days)
- Troubleshooting and diagnostics quick (or by UBS to RJ45-cameras operating software incorporates alerts for network failures).

For the customer:
- Simple handling and fast system (software ONVIF .Formation for 1 or 3 days depending on the computer knowledge of it).
- Access and easy reading of the events recorded.
- Management in 1 or 2 clicks of local or remote storage.

Software operation of the technology:
- Free
- Manages 1728 cameras locally or spread over different sites and locations.
- Scan network to search for cameras.
- Alerts emergency ; breakdowns networks,video signal loss and motion detection.
- Self-attempted re-connection with a camera when there is a loss of network signal.
- Function Audio.

(1) ONVIF: (Open Network Video Interface Forum), a global standard for interfacing network devices, ensuring interoperability of network video devices regardless of manufacturer.


High-Speed IP, Infrared PTZ DOME CAMERAS 360 Dégrés, wifi

18x, 20x, 22x and more..... 4.1-73.8 mm low lux Day/Night

Auto Iris, RS485,Color, 1,4 Sony super HAD CCD, 480 TVL........

Embedded linux system,

SD card




IP CAM 1.3 and more... Mégapixel, Infrared, vandal-proof

1.3 Progressive scan WDR, CMOS 0.05 lux

2.8-12mm DC IRC Lens, 42EA meters........

embedded linux system

SD card


and yet full of reference products, all ONVIF .....